Each Web Resource Should Have It's Own URI

There are two demonstrations available:

The wrong way: the same URI for many resources.

To try this demo, click here.

You will be taken to a simple mockup of the reservation site for an imaginary airline, Web airlines. Enter any values you like for a passenger name, flight number and seat selection. Note as you go through the demo that the address bar at the top of your browser doesn't change. There is no way to bookmark or link to the final reservation record. (Although you can't see it, a browser cookie is being used to keep track of which session is which.)

A better way: a distinct URI for each resource

To try this demo, click here.

You will again be taken to a series of Web pages that ask for a name, a flight and a seat, but this time, you will note that the URI for each passenger's reservation is unique. Indeed, there is a separate URI for each state of the interaction. Your browsers FWD and Back buttons work fine. The final URI can be used in any Web page, or emailed to a friend who might want to see the reservation. Try it!